Ever consider buying fake/replica cosmetics????

Girls I am seeing a lot of replica Make up brands been sold & I thought I would just give you a few things to think about incase your tempted to buy a knock off product;
 Toxic Makeup: The dangers of counterfeit cosmetics 
• There is no regulation controlling counterfeit cosmetics, which means they often contain dangerous chemicals. Many buyers have, unsurprisingly, suffered severe allergicreactions to cosmetics bought unwittingly online. 
• Some of these copy makeup products have been found to contain dangerous levels of lead and arsenic. 
• High-end cosmetic brands will usually only trade through their own websites, stores and official suppliers listed on their websites. They will never stock their wares on Ebay or frequently do discounted products.
• The source of these counterfeit cosmetics is very questionable and therefore they won’t meet the same high ethical, testing and trade values of the brand they’re replicating.

• Sellers of counterfeit cosmetics have no concern for the quality of the product or for your health. Stay well away from this toxic makeup and save your money for the real thing or a cheaper high street alternative, both will have undergone vigorous testing and won’t leave you  with nasty side effects

                                                                                                                                     Eve 🙂


Why is my skin not as fresh as usual??


What is Your Lymph?

Lymph is a fluid like substance made up of water, protein and white blood cells and flows just below the skin, collecting toxins that get eliminated when we sweat or urinate. When lymph flow becomes sluggish (the result of stress, inflammation, poor diet, lack of exercise or surgery), toxins hang around in the body longer. You may see puffiness, dull skin, dark circles, or water retention, or feel tenderness and swelling around your lymph nodes. Restore healthy lymph flow and you’ll rev up your internal detox.

The lymph drainage system is the body’s natural mechanism for toxin removal. Sometimes our system can be sluggish and toxin removal can be slow, this results in congested skin that can look grey, dull and lifeless, and even prone to break-outs. To stimulate the removal of these toxins, we need to increase the circulation and aid the flow of the waist product to the areas known as the lymph nodes. 

 Lymphatic Drainage Massages for Faces

Our bodies are constantly detoxifying, but at certain times our skin needs extra help. The secret to keeping your body’s natural detox processes humming along (and ensuring that your body and skin look their absolute best) means boosting the lymph flow. Manual lymphatic drainage (MLD), is a lymph-stimulating treatment known for its gentle massage strokes—and dramatic results.

Try it and get ready to love the fresh face that greets you in the morning.





Seriously would you leave the house in a sandal with a half completed french polish…….Girls I know we have times when we are running out the door painting our nails.. But when your pressed for time my advise is; fully dress get your bag, coat, keys..the works & then & only then paint your nails. If you have previously chipped polish on that you dont have time to remove; pick a darker Matte colour (more forgiving for ridges) & then your free to leave 😉 If you cant manage that..wear a stiletto .x

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Better then the original!