Eyebrow Shaping Made Easy for Everyone..

Eyebrow Shaping

  • 1: Choose the Right Tweezers. Slant tip tweezers are much more effective & you’re less inclined to nick the skin
  • 2: Cleanse the skin..oils or makeup on the brows will make it harder to grip the hair.
  • 3: Using an eyeliner pencil follow the guide & mark the indicated areas.
  • 4: Stretch the skin well using two fingers…one at the base of the follicle the other at the opposite side.
  • 5: ALWAYS pull the brows in the direction of growth NOT out to the front. ***This can lead to the bulb of the follicle becoming trapped under the skin giving the appearance of *stubble under the skin.
  • 6: Make sure you are removing from the root & not breaking the hair!
  • 7: Take a break to assess what you are doing midway… Don’t over tweeze!
  • 8: Once finished try not to touch the area or apply makeup as the follicles are open & you are more likely to be prone to infection…

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Before & After Makeover using the Beautiful Brow Set..

Eve 🙂