AAhhh..why do my arms look like Chickens skin??


Keratosis pilaris

*What is it?
Keratosis pilaris is a fancy name for a common skin problem: patches of scaly,slightly red bumps that can appear on the back of the arms, butt, or cheeks.

*Why You Get It?
Keratosis Pilaris is a harmless condition caused by the skin’s excess production of the protein keratin. Basically, the protein surrounds a hair follicle and plugs it, resulting in a scaly red bump. 

*Where does it occur?
Most commonly, keratosis Pilaris is found on the backs of the upper arms, buttocks, cheeks, and thighs.

*What aggravates it?
Dry winter air often aggravates the problem, as do really hot showers, which dry out the skin further. The good news: the condition tends to lessen in severity as you age, often disappearing entirely by age 30. (One advantage to ageing 
If it is really bothering you a dermatologist can help set you up with the right moisturizers to treat it.

*Home treatments;. 
• Take a quick, lukewarm shower instead of piping hot ones. 
• Never vigorously scrub the affected areas while bathing—that can cause aggravation. 
• Post-shower, gently pat skin dry with a towel 
• Apply a lotion or cream that gently exfoliates with active ingredients (some to look for: salicylic acid, glycolic acid, lactic acid, or urea. Always check with your pharmacist if trying these products..women who are pregnant need to check & I diabetics need to check too!!..depends on the strength of the active ingredient)

Products formulated with these ingredients soften and loosen dead skin cells, and can even help break down the excess keratin.

Hope this helps,

Eve 🙂