Loving this Product…

Loving this Product...

I really believe there is NO need to spend huge amounts of money for a perfect skin care collection!!
As long as you know your skin type & the appropriate skin care regime it shouldn’t cost a fortune.
Cleansers & toners are all superficial products that have one main purpose
a) to remove excess oil, dirt & makeup
b) toner; to remove excess cleanser & to close the pores.
Supermarket products are perfect for this !!
I will write about scrubs, masks & moisturisers another day if your interested?
One product I would definitely like to add to my Recommended products album is the Clarins face oil 🙂
This is an expensive oil €39.50, but I would highly recommend it for any one over age 25 with dehydrated skin, this is a product well worth investing in.
There are 3 different oils available for different skintypes, I bought the one for dehydrated skin.
This is Clarin’s blurb about the product;
*Anti-aging care for Dehydrated Skin. *100% pure plant extracts. *Zero preservatives. *This best-selling oil contains extracts of Rosewood, Patchouli and Blue Orchid to tone, revitalize and restore radiance to moisture-depleted skin. *Hazelnut Oil helps prevent moisture loss and the formation of fine lines. *Non-staining.
Personally, this oil made a visible difference to my skin & the smell reminds me of that gorgeous smell you get at health spas 🙂
I think Irish skin really benefits from a treatment oil, especially because our skin is subjected to extremes ;heating on, freezing weather…. alcohol 😉
It is a treatment product so the Clarins girl advised me to either *apply every night for 2 weeks then take a break for a few weeks nd retreat or *apply every 2nd or 3rd night.
I’m applying maybe twice a week & especially on a Monday if I have had a hectic weekend.
I am guessing this oil will last a good 6mths as a little goes a long way.
I guarantee apply this to a cleansed face just before bed & you will have a lovely night sleep… The smell is so luxurious and you will wake up with a really fresh hydrated face.
Eve 🙂